Stellar Data Recovery Review for Windows 10 [2021]

Review of: Stellar Data Recovery

Use: recover deleted data from Windows, Mac, USB, memory card, SD card, and more

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Files on HDD were easily recovered, but files on SSD were almost impossible to recover because of SSD TRIM technology

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For me, it’s a justifiable price if base on what it should do

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The software’s interface is user friendly. The software does most of the work, all I did was just click and wait

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The software does not need that much customer support because it can be easily utilized


Summary: Stellar Data Recovery is developed for recovering any type of deleted or corrupted data files. I did a test run on the product’s demo version to see its performance. I highlighted all the things that you should know about the software. Check this article first before deciding to buy the software.

Stellar offers a Free Edition. If you like it, you can upgrade to the paid Standard, Professional, or Premium Edition.

Free Edition Download Free Edition Download

The free edition allows you to recover up to 1GB, but the demo of each paid edition can only retrieve files after you pay for it.

The Importance of Data

Data is the core source of information in our modern society. It’s because data can easily be accessed, distributed, and utilized.

The use of data is implemented in various sectors of our modern industry.

For instance, business sectors use data to track the best strategy of how to have the best return on their investments.

In the field of medicine, for example, data is used to find the best treatment that has the highest rate of success.

Law enforcement relies on data to pinpoint different types of issues to work on it before they become major problems.

Data is our vital asset of collective information; whether it’s about personal or business information.

So, as same as we cannot afford not to use data, we also cannot afford to lose it. Consider this, collecting data can take years of effort, so a loss of data can be catastrophic making the effort go to vain.

There are many factors that can contribute to data loss, such as accidental deletion of files, power or hardware outages, and even natural disasters. Online data is also prone to malware and cyber-attacks

If you are a victim of any of these occurrences and did not have a data backup, now is the time to consider investing in a data recovery solution.

What is a Data Recovery Software?

You may think that there is no hope with your lost data. This is a common misconception especially if the data has been deleted or became inaccessible on your computer.

But worry not, hope is not far from your grasp. In cases like this, utilizing data recovery software is the easiest way to solve the problem.

You see data recovery software are used by IT professional to deal with this kind of situation.

Data recovery software involves the data recovery process which corresponds to the methods of extracting the data file from any storage media.

The software will scan, locate, and review the loss data in order to extract it from the core of your storage device.

In most situations, you don’t need to be an IT pro or need assistance from expert data recovery services to use data recovery software.

With the number of different data recovery software available in the market, you might find it hard to choose which one is more suitable for you.

I also experienced losing important files and have come across multiple data recovery software. One software that I bumped into is Stellar’s Stellar Data Recovery.

The following paragraphs will help you understand what this software does as well as guide you on how to effectively utilize it in recovering your lost data in a Windows 10 computer.

Stellar Data Recovery Review


Stellar company’s data recovery software is divided into two major categories:

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows previously known as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, and Stellar Data Recovery for Mac previously known as Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery.

The simple and user-friendly interface of the software not only supports both Windows and Mac but as well as Linux systems. If you want to recover lost or deleted files from iPhone, Stellar also has a computer program known as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

I did a test run on the program to see if it works according to its description. That helped me evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of each of the software’s features.

Though Stellar Data Recovery has multiple variations such as professional, technician, and toolkit; I have focused my attention on understanding Standard and Premium Edition. There’s also a list of pros and cons of the software to help you evaluate whether if it’s worth it or not.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows│Standard Edition

Standard Edition Download Standard Edition Download

The good thing about this software that I liked is that every variation of Stellar has a demo for evaluation purposes. And according to Standard Edition’s product description, Standard fits perfectly for devices that have Windows Operating System.

stellar data recovery compare editions for Windows

Base on the Stellar’s compare edition section of the stellar page, the Free and the Standard Edition have identical features. The only difference between the two is while you will get a decent amount of 1GB of recoverable data on the Free Edition, the Standard Edition will let you have access to an unlimited amount.

files inside the recycle bin

For the first test, I decided to start by trying if I can recover file copies that contain the data of my important projects using the demo version.

permanently deleting the crucial files from windows recycle bin

I permanently deleted the files from my PC’s recycle bin to test the reliability of the software.

stellar data recovery selection features

Checking the documents folder dialog box will help locate the deleted file more quickly.

After I ran the scan, I was able to locate the data files, but sadly this is as far as I go. Even though I was able to locate my data, the software did not allow me to recover them unless I purchase the software.

The list of Pros and Cons will highlight the things that I discovered upon using Stellar Standard Edition Demo.


  • I didn’t have any hard time downloading the software. Also, it did not take too long to install it.
  • The first thing that I noticed about this program is its neat and user-friendly interface.
  • Even though the images have long been deleted, with deep scan the software was able to locate them.
  • The ability to scan and to know which photo is recoverable and which is not amazed me.


  • Though the deep scan’s first and second phases are quick, it is in the third phase where things get slower. It took me almost 20mins to arrive in phase five.
  • An important thing that you should keep in mind is that when you go for the demo edition, the files that are viewable do not necessarily mean free to recover. I got disappointed when I discovered that the demo will not let you recover any data files except if you buy the software.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows│Premium Edition

Premium Edition Download Premium Edition Download

Because of what happened in the Standard’s demo, it made me realized why not try to invest in the Premium Version. With its reasonable $ 99.99 price I gave it a shot. It’s not also complicated because its basics are just the same as the Standard version.

important data files in USB flash drive

For the Premium test run, I tried not only files that contain various data like PDF, DOC, and PNG but I also included MP4 and MP3 files.

deleting crucial data files inside USB drive

After this, I compile the files inside a folder then transferred them to a USB drive where I permanently deleted them.

checking all files and folders in stellar data recovery premium edition

In order for me to recover all the data, I have checked all files and folders.

stellar premium showing scans recoverable data

After the scan, I found out that there are over 11GB of data that I could recover. However, I was not able to see the data that I recently deleted, good thing there’s a deep scan.

checking the health of the recoverable data

When the deep scan was finished I have located all the data. The MP4, PDF, and PNG files are all previewable so this means they are all in good condition.

creating a new folder for the recovered data

After checking the health of my data, I tried recovering in the same folder inside the USB drive. Although I successfully recovered all my files, what bugs me is that I was not able to return them inside my USB drive. So I made a different folder on my Windows 10 computer.

stellar data recovery compare editions for Windows

Upon noticing the Stellar’s compare section, Premium edition has multiple options that are not on the Standard or in the other version. Many of this involves your computer’s storage device.

checking the status of Windows 10 hard drive

To name a few, this includes creating bootable media from a crushed Operating System, creating disk imaging to repair hard drives that have issues, and evaluating and monitoring a hard drive’s health.

With these additional features, you can avoid permanent loss of data. Sadly even the Premium version of Stellar Data Recovery can still not recover deleted data from SSDs, in fact, there is no known software that can.

However, I can’t say it’s totally impossible if used with other complex ways, but chances are still small.

Additionally, while the Standard is only befitting for Windows Operating System, the Premium edition can support even a Mac Operating System.


  • As expected, Stellar’s Premium version can do what the product description says. The data that I recover are all in good condition. Also, other files that I have been lost for a long time got recovered.
  • It has a justifiable price for the number of options it carries. I believe that anybody would do anything just to retrieve back crucial data.


  • The only issue that I have with the Premium version is that it cannot specify the time period of its scanning, and sometimes recovery speeds can be very slow. For instance, the time it took to conduct the deep scan took an hour, and the recovery time exceeds half an hour around 40 mins.


➤ What is the Difference Between a Deep Scan and a Quick Scan?

A Quick Scan is a method of Stellar Data Recovery used in performing a fast scan run in your computer’s drive.

Whereas Deep Scan involves the deeper scanning of the storage device. Deep scan is usually performed when there is a data file that the Quick Scan cannot locate.

➤ Is Stellar Data Recovery Completely Free?

Stellar Data Recovery has a free version that allows you to recover a generous amount of data that’s up to 1GB.

The demo of each version is free to download but it is only for evaluation, not for recovering.

To know more about the prices of each version you can check their page Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows, and Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac, scroll down to the “Compare Editions” section.

➤ Is Stellar Data Recovery Safe?

From my personal experience and according to most of Stellar Data Recovery reviews, it is a safe tool for recovering lost or deleted partition in your computer’s hard drive.

There are a lot of upgrades with each different version; I guess Stellar is doing this to make the software’s interface convenient and user friendly.

➤Does Stellar Data Recovery have Technical Support?

Technical support is available in all Paid editions of the software.

If you are having some issues with the software that you want to address or you want to know more about each of the Stellar Data Recovery Editions you can contact the support team on their page.


Now you see it’s better to prepare before data accidents happen. That’s why I encourage you to always keep a backup.

On deciding which data recovery software you want to use, check the legitimacy of and trustworthiness of the product’s review.

Stellar Data Recovery has become a powerful tool in recovering your lost data. The free version software can save you money but limits the size of the data file you want to restore.

You may feel doubtful about spending your money on buying recovery software. But if the data is very valuable to you; then it can be your resort for hope.

Jay Lloyd Perales

Jay Lloyd Perales is a technical writer at Filelem. He loves to share his thoughts, opinions, and acquired knowledge through writing.

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