NOOK DRM Removal – Remove DRM from Barnes & Noble eBooks

NOOK eBooks that you have purchased from Barnes & Noble (B&N) have DRM protection. That means they can only play on NOOK eReader & Tablets, NOOK for Web, NOOK for Windows, NOOK for IOS, and NOOK for Android. If you want to read NOOK books on other platforms, for example Kindle, you will need to remove NOOK DRM.

B&N used to tie the DRM to the credit card. You can’t pull any NOOK book down from your B&N account if your credit card expires. A few years ago in 2015 it changed to tie to the account. From then on, you can only use your NOOK account’s email address and password to remove NOOK DRM with the help of some DRM removal tools. The billing name and credit card number method is no longer working on the new DRM.

NOOK DRM Removal is the first tool in this market that handles the latest NOOK DRM. You mostly need to download NOOK books to computer, and then import the books to NOOK DRM Removal for decryption. We have written a comprehensive guide on how to download NOOK books and how to use NOOK DRM Removal to decrypt the books. You can download the free trial first, and then follow the steps below.
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Note: It supports removing NOOK DRM on Windows 10/8.1/8 only, because B&N has ended support for “NOOK for Mac” and the older “NOOK for PC”. This has caused you to be unable to download books on Mac or Windows 7. If you want to remove NOOK DRM on Mac, the only way is to install a Windows in your Mac.

How to Remove NOOK DRM on Windows

Step 1. Install NOOK in Microsoft Store

Open Microsoft Store (or click here), type NOOK in the search bar, get this program and then install it on your PC.

Download NOOK App in Microsoft Store

Step 2. Download NOOK Books to Your Computer

Launch the NOOK app, sign in with your NOOK account, and click on the book to download.

Download NOOK Books to Computer

Step 3. Ask for the NOOK Key File

Ensure Epubor’s NOOK DRM Removal has already installed on your computer, and then you can contact Epubor Support Team for a Nook Key file by sending them your NOOK account’s email address and password. They won’t collect your information. It’s just for one-time use. I have tried contacting them to give a key file too. It won’t take too long to get a response.

This was the message I sent to them.

Hi, I would like to try NOOK DRM Removal. Could you offer me a NOOK Key file? This is my NOOK account’s email address and password. My personal email address is the same as the NOOK account. Thanks.

Email Address: ***

Password: ***

Step 4. Place the NOOK Key File in the Folder

1. Launch NOOK DRM Removal and click on the icon.

2. Click “Tools” > “Generate keys”.

3. Click on “Open” to open .Epubor_Keys folder.

4. Drag and drop the NOOK Key file you got from Epubor Support Team to this folder.

Place the NOOK Key File in NOOK DRM Removal

Step 5. Remove the DRM in NOOK DRM Removal

Click on the “Nook” tab, all the books you have downloaded are listed here. You can multi-select the books you want to decrypt and drag them to the right pane. Then you can click on the folder icon to check the decrypted eBooks, which are in TXT format.

Decrypt NOOK Books in NOOK DRM Removal


1. Why it needs the email address and password of the NOOK account? Is it safe?

The NOOK Key file is generated based on a specific account & password so it is not universal. Though Epubor won’t collect your information, it would be better to create a unique password that is different from other important passwords for security reasons. After all, your password is sent via email or web.

2. What’s the download location of the NOOK books?

C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Packages\BarnesNoble.Nook_ahnzqzva31enc\LocalState

You don’t need to search for this location by yourself. NOOK DRM Removal will sync the folder automatically.

3. Is there are any free way to remove NOOK DRM?

There isn’t. Calibre with DeDRM plugin can’t handle NOOK DRM.

4. I want to try before purchase. Can I get the NOOK Key file?

Yes, you can contact their support team and ask for a NOOK Key. The free trial only limits you to decrypt 20% of each book.

Get the free trial of NOOK DRM Removal here.
Free Download


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