What Is ACSM File: The ACSM File Format Explained

The Adobe Content Server Message file, or ACSM file for short, is a very small size file that uses to connect with Adobe Content Server.

This is an Adobe Content Server Message file URLLink.acsm

So before going into further detail regarding ACSM, I’d want to clarify what Adobe Content Server is. Adobe Content Server (ACS) is actually a software program developed by Adobe Systems (now called Adobe) that facilitates the management of digital content and associated metadata. The users of this software are eBook distributors.

Here are some of the capabilities that Adobe Content Server can provide:

  • EBook owners can now control who is allowed access to their books with Resource Level DRM. Ensuring maximum protection against unauthorized access and use.
  • Owners of eBooks can set a duration for which they are accessible and then revoke the permissions. Once the readers used up their allotted days/months, the eBook returns back to its original lender where it can be repurchased or renewed as necessary.
  • With the ability to publish in industry-standard file formats. These include PDF (Portable Document Format), EPUB, and EPUB 3.
  • In addition to being able to choose from different output formats, there are also two different rendering engines can be chosen: the EPUB 2 and the new EPUB 3.

What Is an ACSM File

As was said above,

There’s Adobe Content Server which is the platform for online eBook distributors that stores things like what kind of Adobe DRM encryption algorithm it uses to protect the eBook, the license and key information, as well as some authority certificates as well as the eBook format and rendering engine.

Then there’s Adobe Content Server Message, which acts as a link for Adobe to use to deliver its eBook stored in the Adobe Content Server to the customer.

How Adobe Content Server Works from Buying Books to Reading Books

After a consumer buys a book from an online eBook store, such as Kobo, he or she may download the ACSM file, which is often a file like this: URLLink.acsm.

Customers can open ACSM files on their tablet or computer using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Those who have an eBook Vendor ID may access their eBooks acquired from the bookstore.

How Do I Open a File with .acsm Extension on Computer and Mobile

To open an ACSM, you can use these three applications:

  1. The first one is Adobe Digital Editions. Developed by Adobe Inc, this free program can be installed on Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS devices (iPad & iPhone).
  2. The second option is PocketBook Reader. It can read a variety of other eBook formats besides .acsm. Available on Android, iPhone, and iPad.
  3. Bluefire Reader. This is a paid app that costs $4.99 and it’s available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, or Windows.

You can find out how to use Adobe Digital Editions on Windows and Mac, as well as Android ACSM reading apps comparison by clicking the relevant link.

Is It Possible to Remove ACSM’s Digital Rights Management Protection

As we can see, Adobe DRM is tightly attached to the ACSM file. Only authorized users are allowed to access the eBook protected by Adobe DRM encryption. You may wonder whether it’s possible to remove or bypass Adobe DRM from an ACSM file to read it freely on any device, such as convert ACSM to Kindle E-reader.

As a matter of fact, it can be done with a program called Epubor Ultimate. With it, you can remove DRM from ACSM then convert the eBooks to other formats like AZW3/EPUB/PDF in just two steps!

Although it’s hard to know whether it will work on all Adobe DRM systems, this program has a 100 percent success rate on all of my ACSM files.


The ACSM is a link file that facilitates the delivery of an eBook stored in Adobe Content Server. Customers may use some ACSM readers to open these files on their computer and mobile devices. It is feasible to remove DRM protection from ACSM files.


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