To Return Audible Books You’ll Need to Know This

In order to advance your reading experience, here’s a general guide for the preface.

  1. Audible’s basic return policy
  2. What you’ll get as refund
  3. Audible return limit

To return books, you’ll need to know Audible’s return/exchange policy in the first place. Audible allows its active members to return or exchange the books they don’t like. So yes, you can actually return an Audible book if you haven’t started listening, or decide to quit halfway through it, or even if you’ve finished it. If your membership has expired or hasn’t started, you can return two titles every six months by contacting Audible staff via phone or email. Formerly this policy is called Great Listen Guarantee, but Audible has stopped calling it that way now.

After returning the book, you’ll get a refund as soon as the transaction is successfully made. The refund will be returned in the way that you originally purchased the book. If you’ve bought the book using credit, then you’ll immediately get credits as repayment. If the method of payment that you used is not credit, then you’ll get your refund in approximately 7 to 10 business days.

Note that there are exceptions for refund, if you’ve purchased books from 2 for 1 sales or 3 for 2 sales, then you can’t return one of them and get your credits back. Audible requires users to return the books that have been bought at the same time during the sale, for example, 3 books in total during 3 for 2 sales.

Audible has never officially announced specifically how many books its users can return or exchange, but it does say that if Audible finds out you’re abusing your rights, this benefit of yours will be suspended, the online returning tool will say “Not eligible for return”, and Audible will reach out to you and ask a few questions regarding this issue.  You can also contact the customer service yourself, simply check out this link here.

If your reasons are good enough for Audible to believe, you’ll be able to return books by contacting Audible, but need to wait some time until they let you do self-serve returns online. How long should you wait until this suspension passes? Still unknown. But one thing is for sure, Audible is only doing this for the purpose of preventing some users from abusing the system, so don’t be too worried if you are not doing so.

Even Audible’s return limit seems kind of nebulous, we can still turn to other users’ experiences. According to a lot of users, the return limit is much likely related to how many books you’ve bought via Audible. In another word, the more book you buy, the more returns you can make. There are users who have been stopped from returning books automatically after they returned no more than 10 books, there are users who have returned 20 books before they hit the limit. So the situation really depends. As long as your intentions and reasons are genuine enough, you don’t have to worry about the cap.

Before Returning Your Audible Books

Before you return or swap your Audible books, has the thought of being banned because of doing this ever bothered you? I suppose so. Being banned means that the book that was once in your account can be forever out of touch, and you will lose both: Books and your money. So is there anything that we can do to minimize the potential damage? The answer is yes, you can definitely backup your books before returning them. Even if it’s not for safety concerns, for example you want to transfer the books to other devices or listen to them using different programs without being limited by Audible DRM (Digital Rights Management), data backup is also your go-to.

When it comes to converting Audible books, Epubor Audible Converter is the friendly neighborhood helper that you’re seeking for. It’s highly efficient, it’s easy to use, it can remove Audible DRM so that backing up your data is possible, and most importantly, it has a free trial for you to see if it’s good enough.
Free Download Free Download

* Note that with the free trial you can convert roughly 10-minute length of your desired file, and in the free trial version you can’t split chapters.

  1. Download the Audible books that you want to back up as AA or AAX files, the method varies from different systems. Check this article for details.
  2. Add the books to Epubor Audible Converter
  3. Choose the output format as MP3 or M4B in the bottom section, then click this blue area to start converting.

convert audible files using Epubor Audible Converter

Most importantly, bear in mind that as a user you can only do this for personal use and on the basis of not abusing the rights that Audible gives you. Otherwise it’s unfair to other customers, and will ruin the trust that this system represents, in the end may lead to your account being banned.

How to Return Audible Books

This process might be a little different using PC or mobile phones. So we divided this section into two parts, first PC then mobile.

For PC users

  1. Go to Audible’s official website and log in to your account, hover your mouse over the top section where it says Hi, xxx!, there will be a drop-down menu coming up.

check account details for returning audible books

  1. Click Account Details, and then in the left-side field click Purchase History, the books you have bought will all be displayed here.

audible purchase history

  1. Click Return Title under Order Details. If it says not eligible for return, it could be that this book is free, or could be that you are prohibited from using self-service return online, then in this case you need to contact customer service to explain the reasons.
  2. Choose the reason why you are returning this title.

choose the return reason for audible

For mobile users

  1. Go to Audible’s official website using the browser on your phone.
  2. Click Menu, go to My Account, then click Purchase History.

return audible books on mobile phones

  1. Choose the book you want to return, and click on it. Then just click Exchange.

If the book is not eligible for return, you can contact customer service and ask for help.

  1. Choose the reason why you want to make this return, then click Exchange again.

We do hope you find this article helpful and have fun reading freely without having to worry about regretting having bought some books that don’t work for you.


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